International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2015

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Dear Colleagues

You have attended at least one of the previous Transdisciplinarity Conferences and we would be very happy to see you again at
the 2015 Conference.

The Call for contributions for the International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2015 is open now!

International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2015, 8-10 September 2015, Congress Center, Basel, Switzerland

“Sustainability and health: emerging topics and new challenges for inter- and transdisciplinary research”

The conference brings together the international community of transdisciplinary scholars and aims at collectively advancing and improving theory and practice of transdisciplinary research. This year, one day of the conference is dedicated to explore synergies among health, sustainability and transdisciplinarity.

We are looking for contributions of practitioners, users and theoreticians of inter- and transdisciplinary research from all thematic fields. If you are interested in exchanging your experiences in, or your reflection on, inter- and transdisciplinary research, we invite you to suggest a presentation or a workshop:

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s aim is to collectively advance and improve theory and practice of transdisciplinary research. We are looking for innovative cases studies, concepts and methods of transdisciplinary research, or for studies on transdisciplinary research, from whatever thematic field there is.

Wednesday’s aim is to explore synergies among health, sustainability, and transdisciplinarity. We are looking for case studies, concepts, theories and methods that specifically help releasing the
full potential of this interaction for Public Health, Sustainable Development, and societal problem solving in general.Â

Researchers and educators from natural science, social sciences, and humanities are invited not only to integrate knowledge of diverse disciplines and fields into their research but also to consider stakeholders’ expertise in view of practical problem solving and understanding of causes at their roots

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